Children’s Summer Program: Odds Bodkin & Kona Ice

July 19, 2018

Summer is here!

Head down to the New Ipswich Library for some live entertainment. Our Children’s Summer Program for 2018 is


Odds Bodkin.jpg

Thursday, August 9th, 2:00pm

New Ipswich Library

Three great stories, three great sing-alongs! A mix of pure imagination, fun and music for the whole family!

Kids and parents will blast it out when Odds Bodkin invites them to learn simple, catchy songs and really SING as part of these three great stories.

*Kaddo, the People are Hungry! A Singalong Story from Africa

*The Rock ‘n’ Roll Three Little Pigs: A Singalong Story from Mother Goose

*Finn MacCool and the Big Man: A Singalong Story from Ireland

With a pulsing beat on African thumb piano, first Odds tells Kaddo, the People Are Hungry, a Togo folktale from West Africa. The audience learns to sing the refrain, add harmonies and make rhythms as he tells this story of hunger and sharing. Odds invites the audience to add in creative rhythms with claps, finger snapping, and harmonies if they like.

Next, The Rock ‘n’ Roll Three Little Pigs arrives with a steady rock beat to start it off.  It’s bluesy, fast, and funny. And it just gets funnier as the audience sings, “Let me in! Let me in! Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin!” and “Oh, why not?”. This is Odds’ much-beloved and irreverent version of this Old Mother Goose tale, performed with some of his best riffs on 6-string guitar.

The show ends with Finn MacCool and the Big Man. A tale of cleverness and some genuine female heroics, it features the hilarious voices of a giant, a dog, Oona and Finn, and their houseguest, big and hairy Gal. All with a fabulous driving rhythm on 12-string guitar and a refrain we all sing together: “Hoy that hurts!”

After they experience this lively storytelling show, kids will leave motivated to use their imaginations even more. Odds reminds them that the best way to do it is summer reading, and staying away from the “summer slide.”

This event is free and is sponsored by the Stearns-Burton Lecture Committee.

At the end of the show, the Kona Ice truck from Kona Ice of NH will be parked outside the Library. Bring some money to enjoy a cold treat and you can help support the Library – if Kona Ice makes enough in sales, they will donate part of their profits to the Library!


SubZero Ice Cream!

July 10, 2018

New Ipswich Parks and Rec and the New Ipswich Library are teaming up together to bring you SubZero!


This FREE program is sponsored by the Stearns Burton Lecture Fund and is being held in conjunction with The Rec Department’s Museum of Science presentation: Science Magic. The fun begins at 1:00pm on July 27 at Highbridge Hill Elementary School. Doors open at 12:30. Museum of Science starts promptly at 1, with a short break in between, SubZero begins at 2pm.SubZero Info

National Parks Talk – Colorado Plateau

May 25, 2018
Colorado Plateau.jpgPhoto courtesy of

National Parks Talk – Colorado Plateau

Thursday, June 7, 2018, 7pm

New Ipswich Library

Steve Farrar visited the New Ipswich Library last summer for a wonderful talk on the National Parks system, and he is returning to discuss the Colorado Plateau. Steve has visited all 50 states and 54 (out of 59) national parks!

This program is sponsored by the Stearns-Burton Lecture Committee. This is a free event, but we request that a donation be brought for the ​St. Vincent-DePaul Food Pantry in Greenville.

New Ipswich Artist Matt Patterson

May 9, 2018

Join us!

Saturday, May 19th, 1pm

New Ipswich Artist

Matt Patterson

New Ipswich Library

Matt Patterson.jpg

Matt grew up in New Ipswich. His father was a biology teacher and early on he was exposed to all types of animals. As far back as he can remember he has always had the same two interests, wildlife and art. He loves the outdoors and in his free time he was either out fishing, searching for turtles and snakes, or he was painting. Today things haven’t changed much. He is a professional artist and his work reflects his love for nature.

Matt has completed a variety of work ranging from scientific and book illustration to trompe l’oeil murals and wood carving. In 2010, his book titled Freshwater Fish of the Northeast won the National Outdoor Book Awards Design and Artistic Merit category.

His book on Reptiles and Amphibians, titled The Snake and the Salamander Reptiles and Amphibians from Maine to Virginia, was just released.

This program is sponsored by the Stearns-Burton Lecture Committee.

Although the event is free, a donation to St. Vincent dePaul’s Food Pantry in Greenville is always welcome.

Laugh Free and Live!

January 4, 2018

Laugh Free and Live!

Join us at the Library on Thursday, January 18th, at 7pm

for lots of laughter to help brighten up your winter!

The New Ipswich Library, sponsored by the Stearns-Burton Lecture Committee, welcomes Saundra Maisey, Certified Laughter Leader, to discuss laughter wellness. Saundra is a Certified Laughter Leader (CLL) with the World Laughter Tour, based out of Columbus, OH, and has held that title since completing training in August of 2005.

Saundra will provide a background on laughter therapy and information about why laughter is good for your physical and mental state. The program will last for about an hour with people up and out of their seats to move around, combining laughter with physical activity. No experience is required. You don’t need to be funny or know any jokes to join us for a fun night out.


5 Things Laughter Does:
*Makes the immune system more effective
*Improves breathing & oxygen intake
*Good cardio-vascular effects (lower blood pressure)
*Improves digestion
*Relieves stress, lifts spirits

We hope to see you there!

This event is free, but a donation for the St. Vincent-DePaul Food Pantry in Greenville is always appreciated.

This program is sponsored by the Stearns-Burton Lecture Committee.

The snow date for this program is January 25th at 7pm.


“Ramblin’ Richard” – American Patriotic Songs Over the Ages

May 26, 2017


“Ramblin’ Richard” – American Patriotic Songs Over the Ages

Thursday, June 29th, 7pm

New Ipswich Library

“Ramblin’ Richard” is coming back to the New Ipswich Library, and you don’t want to miss his show!

This interesting and entertaining program covers American patriotic songs over the ages. The hour-long program is “illustrated” with music and will include narrative introductions and descriptions of all of the songs played – their background, history, and relationship to the times in which they were popular.

Over the past two years, “Ramblin’ Richard” has been invited to appear at nearly 75 libraries, historical societies, and museums in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine. A sample from his World War II program may be found on-line at:

Richard, a member of the New England Foundation for the Arts, is a retired professor who studied Gospel and American folk music and is an active musician who makes more than 200 performances each year. He tells the stories and sings the songs while accompanying himself on guitar, 5 string banjo, and baritone ukulele.

This event is free, but a donation for the St. Vincent-DePaul Food Pantry in Greenville is always appreciated. This program is sponsored by the Stearns Burton Lecture Committee.

Clutter Control with Dave Downs

March 27, 2017

Join us at the New Ipswich Library

Thursday, April 6th, 7pm

Clutter Control with Dave Downs

 We all have STUFF! Why do we acquire and save more possessions than we need? What happens when our stuff starts to own us? Why can’t we just throw things away?
JPG Clutter Control Dave Downs.JPG
With his upbeat and unique approach, Dave Downs explores the many reasons that our drawers, closets, and garages get filled with STUFF. Downs offers helpful hints for managing this difficult problem. Dave uses colorful stories throughout the talk to engage as well as inform the audience. You may recognize a part of yourself in these stories.
Participants will leave knowing that if we are thoughtful about what we acquire, what we keep, and what we discard, we will start to reverse the tendency to bury ourselves in “treasures!”
This event is sponsored by the Stearns-Burton Lecture Fund.